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Hamilton 3210​

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Fax: 07 852 5627
Email: reception@rototunaoptom.co.nz

Your eye care professionals

We have a reputation for clinical excellence, and for spending quality time with customers, which allows our optometrists to understand their customers' individual needs and to advise them of the best solutions for them.  

Visit us and you'll see the difference at Visique Rototuna.

Our Team

We are a small experienced team with a wide range of skills and knowledge.

We're here to help you big or small, whatever you require, we strive to give you the best service and best practice.


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Areas of practice


Eye examinations

Glaucoma screening

Irlen screening

Myopia Control Specialists

Contact lenses

Dry Eye Specialists

Paediatric optometry - Childrens vision

Drivers License Assessment

Prescribing of eyecare medicines

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"My vision hasn't changed".  In most cases, patients are not aware of a change in their vision.  It can change so gradually, and go un-noticed.

Often patients don't realise a change until they are shown during their examination


Great Service Knowledgeable and Experienced Optometrist. Excellent equipment. I have had very thorough eye exams for years and have recently had a great experience being fitted for Progressive lenses. Paul is exceedingly thorough and I recommend him and his team.” Navin Rajan