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Children's Vision & Behavioural Optometry

80% of a child's learning is visual. Children often accept their vision as 'normal' as they do not know any different.  They learn to use what they have and often do not show any signs of symptoms. 

An eye examination is the only way to determine if there are any vision problems.

Many day to day tasks require seeing quickly and using visual information.  It's important to look out for any signs your child may be showing as children may not always tell us they are having vision problem as they don't know any different.  If your child is showing any of these symptoms or you have any concerns about their vision, get their vision checked.


At the initial eye examination, we may recommend a cycloplegic examination for your child.

The optometrist will recommend options such as patching or eye exercises if your child will benefit from these procedures.

Our optometrist has over 25 years experience and has seen children of all ages from four and up.

Smiling child boy in glasses checks eye
Signs to look for

Loses their place while reading


Gets frequent headaches


Confuses small words when reading


Holds books closer than normal


Avoids close up work


Rubbing their eyes a lot


Turns or tilts head to use one eye


Consistently performs below potential and often, a child's behaviour can also be a sign

Sometimes, there simply are no visible signs

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