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Contact Lenses

Have you ever considered the freedom of contact lenses?

Contact lenses are a safe and convenient alternative to wearing glasses.  We provide a wide range of contact lenses to suit almost any prescription.  So if you need glasses for distance or close (or both) then we have a contact lens option for you. 


Not sure if you'll like wearing contact lenses?
We offer a no obligation free trial*  Talk to our staff or optometrists to find the perfect lens to suit your needs.  

At Rototuna Optometrists we provide fitting expertise for all types of contact lenses, including hard, soft and disposable lenses. We also fit lenses for keratoconus, ocular surgical complications and ocular injury. Certain eye conditions such as keratoconus, high myopia and injury may qualify for a Health Board subsidy towards the cost of fitting and supplying contact lenses.

We recommend all contact lens wearers have regular examinations - at least annually - to ensure the eyes stay as happy and healthy as when they were fitted. These check-ups assess not only the vision but also the condition of the cornea (where the lens sits), to ensure it is getting enough oxygen and not under stress which can increase the risk of infection and scarring. We are happy to provide you with more lenses at any time as long as your prescription is valid.


Contact lenses macro close up. Man holdi

Already a contact lens wearer, order Vision+ and CooperVision lenses here 

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