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Dry Eye Clinic
Are you experiencing red, dry, itchy or irritated eyes?

Chances are you are suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome.

More than 20% of the population suffer from dry eye, often affects us with age, but is becoming more comonly caused by our modern lives; artifical light from computer screens and mobile phones, contact lenses and driving.

Rototuna Optometrists are members of the Dry Eye Specialist Group. 

Our Dry Eye Specialist optometrist will conduct a comprehensive Clinical Assessment of your eyes and the symptoms you are experiencing at your initial consultation, and will then determine a tailored Treatment Plan for you. Your plan will vary depending upon the type and severity of dry eye that you have. Each treatment type will address specific symptoms and include some, if not all, of the following:

  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

  • Prescription Medication

  • Nutrition

  • Clinical Procedures

  • Lubricants (Eye Drops)

  • At-home therapy

Contact us for an appointment for a dry eye assessment.


IPL to treat dry eye syndrome
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