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Our optometrists are trained in the assessment and treatment of most minor eye injuries and infections. 

Most common eye infections can be treated by our optometrists and we can prescribe antibiotics etc as required.
If you experience any of these symptoms before your annual examination is due you make an appointment to see

your optometrists.

Seeing spots - If spots occur suddenly, an appointment should be made to see your optometrist the same day or following.

Flashing lights - An appointment should be made the same day.

Chemical splash - You should see an optometrist straight away. If your optometrists is not available, see your GP or local hospital.

Gunky eyes - If you are a contact lens wearer - remove them straight away and wear spectacles until an appointment is available preferably within two days. Put your lenses in a case and take to the examination.  If you do not have spectacles, see the optometrists as soon as possible.
If you do not wear contact lenses - make an appointment the same day or within two days.

Cloudy Vision - If the cloudiness had occurred over time, make an appointment when it is convenient for you.

Pain behind the eye - If the pain is sudden, an appointment should be made the same day.  If the pain has gradually been on going, arrange to see your optometrist within 1-3 days.

Early detection of an eye problem is essential giving you a better chance of a full recovery in a shorter period.  
Our optometrists are here to help.

We are accredited ACC providers for managing minor eye injuries and abrasions. 

Treatment of Eye Injuries and Infections