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Dry Eyes?

We introduced the Specialist Dry Eye Treatment programme to our patients in 2016. The results we have had so far with the new IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) E-Eye device have been overwhelmingly positive. We know that people suffering from dry eye syndrome may have debilitating symptoms, some of which include blurred vision, dry, scratchy or itchy eyes. In some cases, dry eye syndrome can paradoxically cause a watery eye! The IPL treatment programme has improved our patients’ symptoms significantly in most cases. In cases of persistent dry eye syndrome, we found that the best course of action is a comprehensive treatment plan addressing the different components of the condition. We have put together a package targeting these specific problematic areas causing dry eye syndrome. Some patients find that they can manage their symptoms with lubricating drops alone, but if you feel that you are still struggling with ongoing dry eye symptoms, we recommend the full treatment plan for best results* To start on the programme, just give our office a call and ask to be booked in for your first IPL session.

*Best results are achieved with four sessions over 12-16 weeks.

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